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Female Pumping Squishy Pussies
How do the worlds largest pussies feel to the touch?

Imagine the possibilities you would have if your girl would pump up her pussy just like this one. Imagine how it must feel, all squishy and weird but at the same time amazingly pleasurable to the touch. These pussies are visually stunning, because they go from the ordinary into something extraordinary that you do not get to see everyday or much less play with them when they are all puffed up.

So how exactly does a pumped up pussy feel like to the touch? It’s pretty hard to describe, it feels strange when you touch it, because you get used to the normal feeling of the vaginal lips. Like most everybody knows how pussies feel when you touch them. However when they are all puffed up, the feeling changes. For starters it feels squishy, they feel soft and unreal like. You first cannot believe that you are actually touching a female body part due to the feeling of it. Once you get over the squishy feeling, you can start exploring it more and it actually feels good, as something different and unique.

When you get up and walk, you feel this bulge between your legs, you actually feel your pussy down there. It does feel strange walking with such a large pussy, but it also feels nice and exciting. I guess the feeling would vary between women, since we all experience it differently. But personally I do enjoy how it feels, and getting dressed well that is another story. Your panties will not contain such a large pussy, you will stick outside of them.

What about sex? Well, this is a unique experience for both men and women. Men get to experience the visual change in the pussy when its all pump up and swollen. Many men find it very alluring sexually speaking, it gets them turned on. The lips all swollen and red, indicating you are in heat to the most primal of our being. When you are getting penetrated, it does feel uniquely different to normal sex. You feel this large squishy pussy between your legs getting pounded. I guess any guy would love how it feel to go into one. You also feel more sensitivity, perhaps due to the increase blood flow to the region.

As for oral sex, now that feels amazing, what girl does not love to get her cookie licked? We all do, and just feeling his tongue moving around all your swollen pussy feels rather good. It gets your juices flowing like never before!

Remember that all vacuum pumping carries risks, know your limits and pump safe, follow the manufactures instructions on how to pump up your pussy!

Pumping Experiences

OMG! Said my husband when he came home and discovered that I had bought a pussy pump. Apparently he already know what it was for and had imagined that one day I would pump up my pussy. Anyway, I decided that I wanted to pump my pussy that evening, so we both got comfortable and started to pump it up. My husband was all aroused, he had one of the strongest erections I had noticed in a long time.

The feeling of pumping my pussy was amazing, when you start pumping it, it feels strange, but then when you are really sucking it into the dome, it does feel like a lot of pressure. We could see that my pussy was just getting all sucked into the dome. We were both amazed at it, I maintained the pressure for a while. Then we decided to remove it and my pussy had gotten a bit large, not much. I guess we needed to leave it more time on.

Nevertheless, my husbands erection was so hard and I was all wet and horny also, I must say when he penetrated me, it felt really good. It was an orgasm I was searching for the past 6 months (don’t tell my husband). But I truly did enjoy it, it was a lot of fun!
- Irene P.

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