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Breast Pumping
Women’s breasts are simply amazing in form and shape, its what defines a woman’s torso!

woman-applying-lubricante-to-breast-domes-to-vacuum-pump-and-enlarge-her-breastsWhat girl on earth wouldn’t want a little more breast mass on their chest? Especially if they have flat or small breasts, the desire to have them larger is always present. Breast size does matter to both women and men given that it’s directly related with what defines a feminine silhouette. You always have the idea that women have the hour glass figure full of curves from head to toe. And breast size clearly plays a huge role in achieving that hour glass figure.

Breast pumping works by expanding breasts tissues through the use of a vacuum device. Essentially you will place breasts domes that usually come in the shape of breasts or cylindrical. The size should be able to accommodate your entire breast and have enough room to expand the breast within the vacuum dome. As you apply vacuum pressure to the breasts, these start to expand in size within the vacuum dome.

By continuing to apply vacuum pressure to the breasts for specific lapse of time, the expanded breasts tissues start swelling. It’s the swelling part of the breasts that will give you a temporary breast augmentation. If you are looking for having slightly larger breasts for a while, breast pumping might be an option. It might help you feel sexy and curvy for that special night out in town.

You can also do it to entice your partner by giving him a chance to see how you would look with larger breasts. Just vacuum pump your breasts, get them all large and plump and use your sexy curves to give him visual pleasures and he would love to explore your new hot body.

There are many possibilities with vacuum pumping your breasts, its sexual, it’s enticing and it produces a temporary change. It also feels good to have your breasts suctioned into the vacuum domes, so it can be sexually gratifying. But like with all things, you have to make sure you do not overdo it or hurt yourself in the process.

As for long term benefits of breasts pumping, well there seems to be some evidence that it promotes breasts growth, however we cannot confirm it. But at least you can have fun with it and enjoy the pleasures of breasts pumping.

How to Breast Pump
Let’s start pumping up them breasts and in the process enhance your feminine figure.

how_to_breast_pumpBreast pumping involves the use of two vacuum domes in the shape of breasts o cylindrical and the use of a vacuum pump that is used to draw...

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Loving Breast Pumping

Pump up your breasts to a new size with each squeeze of the trigger, you will notice your breasts inflating like balloons!
- Jessica A.

Bigger hooters by vacuum pumping them! Who would have thought that could happen, well I am going to give it a try and see what happens.
- Adele O.

If I am a girl, boys would expect that I have breasts? But I do not have any, I am flat chested and it makes me feel really bad about how I look, hopefully I will gain something if I try pumping them!
- Tara L.

I love the attention my boyfriend gives me when he looks at my pretty breasts, I only wish they were slightly bigger. I am waiting for my breast pump to arrive, as soon as it gets here I will let you know how I am doing!
- Ursula J.

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