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Clit Pumping
Girls pumping up their clitorises making them swell like little penises ready for some hot action!

woman-showing-how-to-pump-her-clit-to-increase-her-clitoris-sizeSo let’s give a little competition to men by pumping up the clitoris! Way back in the 90’s we were experimenting vacuum pumping clitorises to see if it would have a desired effect. And what we realized was that women actually get turned on by the fact of seeing their clitoris increasing in size within the vacuum chamber. It’s sort of like seeing a clitoris going to the gym and pumping up every day. Gaining size and becoming larger and stronger, ready to give you those strong orgasms you have been looking for during coitus.

With each squeeze of the vacuum pumping, you will draw more blood to the clitoris, this engorges all the tissues. Expanding and increasing its size to the point where you feel it throbbing. With continued vacuum pressure applied to the clitoris, it starts to swell up and once you remove the cylinder, you end up with a large clitoris that will remain that way for up to thirty minutes.

A pumped up clitoris becomes more sensitive to the touch, so stimulating a clitoris after vacuum pumping will feel good if done gently. In addition to that, a woman can experience an orgasm with rather ease after a good pumping session. The clitoris has all its tissues engorged with blood; all the nerves are active and responsive. This is why when a woman is vacuum pumping her clitoris, she becomes fully aroused. Seeing her clitoris increasing in size, the heightened sensitivity and the urge to receive pleasure will produce good orgasms.

All women should experiment clitoris pumping at least once, it’s sexy and highly erotic. You can pump up your clitoris prior to engaging in penetration. Get yourself all aroused and ready for some hot action with an engorged clitoris.

How to clit Pump
Imagine stroking a pumped up clitoris and reaching orgasm almost instantly!

how_to_clit_pumpClitoris pumping is a fun and stimulating activity to enjoy, giving you a highly sensitive clitoris that is ready to achieve an explosive orgasm...

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Loving Clit Pumping

So who says size does not matter when it comes to the clitoris? Some girls want it bigger also, just like men!
- Maira R.

It’s a joy to pump up my clitoris, it feels amazing when it gets sucked into the cylinder, like when someone sucks on it hard. It makes it feel good!
- Irene L.

I say bigger is better when it comes to the clitoris, that way they can find it and I can get more pleasure from it!
- Jacquelyn F.

I think having it a little bigger wouldn’t hurt and it might make it more sensitive when my boy is penetrating my pussy!
- Sabrina K.

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