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Pussy Pumping
Nothing looks and feels as incredible as a pumped up pussy that is all engorged and swollen.

woman-with-swollen-vaginal-lips-after-performing-pussy-pumpingYou have to admit it, when you first look at a pumped up pussy, you think; well that looks different, you might think it looks strange, and perhaps you might ask yourself what happened to it? But as you learn more about pussy pumping, you start to change your mind and how you view women who love to vacuum pump their genitals. You start seeing it, not as strange odd looking but rather as hot and exciting that it gets you turned on with the notion of playing with a pumped up pussy.

Aside from that, you wonder how it must feel, to touch it and play with a pumped up pussy. Does it feel squishy to the touch or soft? It’s something that can be quite intriguing to think about if you have never touched a pumped up pussy.  If you look at the vaginal orifice, you see it all swollen up, making you think that it might be a good idea to penetrate a pumped up swollen pussy. Since it has swollen, it must provide tight fit for any man regardless of his size going into a pumped up pussy.

So I would say that pussy pumping has its rewards for both women and men. Women can get off all horny, feeling how the vacuum suction feels on their genitals. The pressure and the suction it generates feel rather good over the female genitals. Leave it for a while and you start seeing the pussy getting all big and swollen. Any girl would feel all horny at this point due to the increase blood flow to the genital region and knowing you are doing something interesting with your genitals.

The increase blood flow to the genital region gets you in the mood quickly. All vaginal tissues get engorged and any stimulation you get in that area will feel incredibly good. Thus, making it easier to achieve an orgasm during penetration or any other sort of sexual stimulation.

When it comes to men, well the sights, sounds and feeling you get from your girl having a pumped up pussy are quite unique to say the least.  Just seeing a girl vacuum pump her genitals and watching how they expand in size as the air is being removed from the pussy dome. It is an amazing sight to take in and admire.  Knowing that in a while once the vacuum dome comes off, she will be sporting a big pussy lips.

No man can resist the temptation to reach down and touch a pumped up pussy. Feeling how her genital feels to the touch. Squeezing it just feels so squishy and amazing! When it comes to penetrating a pumped up pussy, it can surprise you how it feels to go into one. And bumping up to it, and seeing, you would wonder why you haven’t had your girl pump up her pussy before.

Pussy pumping is one of the hottest activities that women can perform. Imagine a giant camel toe between your legs, by pumping up your pussy then getting into those tight sweat pants you have lying around. So give it a try, its fun and simply amazing!

How to Pussy Pump
Nothing looks and feels as incredible as a pumped up pussy that is all engorged and swollen.

how_to_pussy_pumpPussy pumping involves using a vacuum device that fits over the vulva or pussy as we kingly refer to it, to pump it up...

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Loving Pussy Pumping

Just look at how the pussy swells in size during the pumping stage! It feels so different when it is swollen, it pulsates and gets me all horny!
- Melissa P

I have tried to pump my pussy while taking a bath. It makes it easier and its a lot of fun how it feels under the water”
- Abigail S.

I have to admit, that the first time I saw a pumped pussy here, I was a bit shocked, at how large they can expand. Now I feel that its quite interesting and exciting to see them, I get turned on as a girl watching pussy pumping”
- Cadence K.

To me, pussy pumping has been a lifesaver to my sex life. When I use it, I pump the hell out of my cooter and all my juices start flowing, so by the time I finish, I am all wet and horny that I get off almost instantly!
- Macey C.

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